Intelligence as the main goal of humanity

AUGMOS believes that advancing intelligence is the most powerful key in securing humanities survival.

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The Evolution of Intelligence

  • Purpose of Life

    "Humans have always wondered about the meaning of life…life has no higher purpose than to perpetuate the survival of DNA."  — Richard Dawkins, Evolutionary Biologist

    This theory allows us to derive all other goals of life on an individual level from it.

  • The World is Changing

    We live with diseases, people don't have access to good infrastructure and climate change is becoming a huge risk to the earth as an ecosystem. From time to time new problems arise as the environment is changing. We need to solve these problems to have a good life, but we are also responsible for the world we give to our children.

  • Evolution

    Evolution is the process of adapting to an environment. This process creates phenomenal results over time but is very slow if sudden big problems arise. Luckily evolution has gifted the human species intelligence. 

  • Intelligence

    Intelligence is the ability to solve problems. Intelligence lets us create the tools to solve our problems and even allows us to change the world around us actively. Social, emotional, and analytical intelligence are all equally important. By building models on our environment and solving problems, we create innovation. Sharing this innovation with others creates collective knowledge and builds the foundation for a better future.

  • Our Mission

    We believe that advancing intelligence is a fundamental step for increasing the likelihood of survival and a better future. We want to bring people together, work on projects that make an impact, and are pleased to work together with people who truly want to make humanity more intelligent. We have the goal to provide each individual with the best life possible while advancing humanity as a whole.

We are looking for Projects and Resources!

Please contact us, if you have ideas for awesome projects, that could help to make our world a better place. We are giving our best to come up with good ideas but everyone has a different view on life, so we would love to hear your ideas. Shared ideas create collective intelligence and increase the likelihood of them being used to solving problems.

Our Projects

We have many ideas. If you want to work together on some of them, reach out to us. 😊 With our projects, we solely aim to make the world a better place and value things like privacy, security, and decentralization.

KG & Question Generation


A service processing content like lecture slides. The service uses NLP and Machine Learning to extract pieces of information and creates a Knowledge Graph (KG) from them. By linking the information to other knowledge bases, one has more data and can better automatically create Multiple Choice Questions. Builds a foundation for other projects.

Personalised Education App

AppContent-CrawlingMachine Learning

The user selects topics he wants to learn. The app scans different sources and tries to predict the best learning material for the user. Creates also MC-Questions that the user has to solve after learning. Based on that the App improves the material selection and tries to identify different learning types and parameters.

Digital Knowledge Replication

AppMachine LearningKG

Create a Quiz App asking users MC-Questions generated from a Knowledge Graph Database. An algorithm creates a second Knowledge Graph representing the user's knowledge and tries to predict other knowledge the user may know.

Knowledge Management

Data ScienceMachine LearningKG

Building a management system for collective intelligence on top of the digital knowledge replication idea. Identify knowledge needs in a team and predict and target education needs and communication to improve the collective intelligence of a group of individuals.

Political Voting App


A platform for direct-democracy based on blockchain. Representatives enter the things they have to vote on into the app. People are then able to inform themselves and have discussions and finally vote securely through the app. A blockchain is used to verify and secure the voting.

Genetics & Learning

Data ScienceMachine LearningKG

Research in the field of Genetics influencing Learning Type. Use machine learning to find a correlation between DNA Sequences and learning types to allow for perfect personalization. 

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We believe that everyone has the responsibility to actively create the world he wants to live in. We founded AUGMOS because we believe that humanity should focus more on advancing human intelligence. Because we want a future, where we live in a flowering democracy and have a good standard of living, we created AUGMOS. From our perspective, it is necessary to take the first steps ourselves to create solutions that are sole to advance humanity and not for profit. While dealing with learning data, we believe privacy and data protection are crucial. When done right we could create a world where everyone can learn as effectively as possible, whatever wanted, while profiting from the personalization created with our collective data. All while having the rights and control over the own data.


We are united by our goal to improve human intelligence.

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